A sneak peek behind a Boudoir Session – Albany, NY Boudoir Photographer

INCREDIBLE!!!!!!    Had to start it that way – as that’s exactly how this whole process has gone!  From the casting call – to the filming – and now the sneak peeks that are coming out in anticipation of the full length video!  

So first let me introduce you to the Boudoir Casting Call Winners!

First we have Alex!  Can you believe she use to hate having red hair?  That she wouldn’t leave the house without earings and lipstick because she was mistaken as a boy once and was determined not to have it happen again?  We all have our stories – for her she’s embraced her lovely red locks and freckles :)  Alex is natural in front of a camera, which is exactly why she was selected to be one of our models for the video. 

Our second model winner was Shannon!

Shannon is a mommy of 3 little boys – and has worked very hard to get back her body.  Any lady out there can tell you that the post pregnancy body is something they could avoid!  Hard work is given her, her body back.  And when you’re a mom, doing something for YOURSELF isn’t always on the top of the list!  It was wonderful working with her – and seeing how incredible the photos made her feel!!

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