Tell All: 10 Boudoir Q & A’s – Albany, NY Boudoir Photographer

WELL – first of all I just want to say how thrilled I am that I’m getting such great responses to my Boudoir Photography! These are honestly some of my favorite sessions to shoot – I get to work with women, and watch them transform right in front of my eyes, and the camera!!!!  The last few events have been held at  the Hotel Indigo – in Albany, NY.  The suite room we use is modern and bright – perfect for our sessions!  So add in an unbelievable makeup/hair stylist (Erica Sherman)  some lingerie…or not – and there’s no way to not walk away with incredible photos and a fun, fun time!!!    Recently I’ve been receiving many emails with Boudoir questions – SSSOOOO i figured it was time for another Q and A post!   Thanks to all the ladies who sent these questions!!!!

#1 – “Should I go tanning before my session?”
Well – a little touch of color and sunkissed skin never hurts! But honestly – it’s not necessary! If you do decide to go – BE CAREFUL! Pale skin outweighs burned and RED any day!!!!! Also, if you are thinking of getting a spray tan – do your research! Quality does vary place to place – you don’t wanted to be spotted or have stripes!

#2 – “I don’t want to feel bloated! Any suggestions?” YES!!!! WATER – WATER AND MORE WATER!!! Stay away from salty foods/high sodium for a few days, and drink plenty of water to flush out any water weight you may be holding. Lemon water tastes great – and is a natural diuretic! :)

#3 – “I have a few pieces of lingerie – but they really don’t fit my style. Do I have to wear lingerie?”
NOOOOO!!!!!! Think about it – sexy is sexy – it doesn’t matter what you wear! Advice: look in your closet – find things you feel great it – a fav. shirt with panties works! A dress unzipped etc. And as you see …in my portfolio – sheets are an EASY fix!

#4 – “I only want to do one look for hair/makeup for my session – do you think I should go natural/pretty or edgy?”
Personally, I say go edgy. It’s great to feel pretty and look like you – but it’s even more fun to really look high fashion/edgy! Plus it’s easier to get into character! And keep in mind – how edgy you want to be it totally up to you!

#5 – “What did you (Genine) do with you pictures after your session?” I ordered an album of my favorites, AND 2 large canvases which are hung in my bedroom. At first I wondered if I’d want them up – but decided this is MY ROOM!!! Love having 2 gorgeous photos on our walls (Billy likes it too)

#6 – “I have a tattoo I got when I was younger and don’t really like.  Is there any way you can get rid of it?”  Most likely… YES!  It does kind of depend on where it is, and how much it’s covering .  But I have edited a few sessions where I use some Photoshop magic, and POOF!  it’s gone!  Once I see you in person, I will really be able to tell if it is or isn’t do-able…. NO WORRIES!!!!  Even if I don’t think I can – that just means we get creative with props, sheets, and angles to hide it!!

#7 – “I was thinking of getting my eyebrows waxed before my session – do you think that’s ok?”  That total depends!!!!  Nice shapely eyebrows always look great, but if that means you’re going to get swollen skin, red and bumpy…. NO! NO! NO!  Biggest suggestion would be to ask yourself how you react to waxing – and if you’ve never done it – stick with tweezers!  Also, my wonderful stylist can easily tweak them with makeup for you!  Surprising what a bit of shadow can do to even our eyebrows!

#8- “Do you bring anything that I may be able to use in my session?” YES!!!!  I have a collection of vintage jewlery, lacey scarves, a red corsette, playful pillows, and a funky fur-like vest!  You are welcome to use anything!!!  It’s not uncommon for us to accent what you bring with what I have!

#9 – “Have you ever shot a Couples Boudoir session?”  YES :)  A few times actually!   One was a couples session, and the other was the woman’s session and her husband stepped in for a handful of frames!  Think Calvin Klein ads!!!!  They are so much fun, and the couples really loved the photos! 

#10 – “What do you recommend doing with the photos?”  Personally, I LOVE having an album!  They can be customized with text, and there’s honestly just something about holding a book that has incredible images of you, in your hands!  Not everyone wants them displayed on their walls – but for people thinking of doing it – go with Float Wraps!!!  Very cool, modern, and ready to hang!  Last thing I would recommend would be the watermarked digital files.  Although these aren’t for printing – it’s great to be able to have them on your computer, or phone too!  And it makes it super easy to share any of the pics you’d like with friends.

***More to come!!!!

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